Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feast or Famine

I'm either dead quiet or I'm turning work away... it's crazy!  I've had no work for a few weeks (that was kind of by choice... I didn't go chasing anything either) but now I've got 4 gigs this weekend!  I'm excited about them all, they're all very different and will be great experience  First up is a fashion show tonight - I haven't done a lot of runway and this will be my first with experienced models, so I'm excited!  I believe there is a bachelor auction as well, so hopefully they'll be some eye candy as well... that never hurts  :)

It got me thinking though (and sorry for going all Jerry Springer on you) - this is what it will be like when it's my sole source of income.  I'll be flooded with work (hopefully!) and then it will die down again.  Coming from a background of steady employment, this makes me really nervous.  And it's something that although I've known about it and I've accepted that it's part of being a freelance artist, I've never considered ALL the implications it has.  Like - will I be able plan a holiday and then be able to save enough money?  What happens if I fall and break my arm during the busy season, and therefore can't earn what I need to survive?  If I decide to move to another city, how long will it take me to get established again and get work?

Even with all the research I did into this career before I made the switch, even through all my study and work experience, there are some things that you just don't realise until you're on the job.  Or you may realise them, but you don't take them too seriously.  Maybe it's the wisdom that comes with experience - as much as you can tell someone that it is so, you just need to figure it out for yourself.

Take care of yourselves. And each other.  :P
BC  xx

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