Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Heart Assisting

I really do. I get something out of EVERY experience. I love watching other artists work, watching their techniques, their setup, their setiquette, and the answers to my many questions! I also tend to have certain things that I want to focus on, so instead of learning a little bit of everything I pay attention to a small number of things that I can remember and take away with me.

This year I want to do a LOT more assisting work, with as many different artists (and as many different genres) as I can get my hands on. I want to try everything that I can possibly experience before I try to specialise my skills. I might love beauty work now, but then I'll work on a TV set and just fall in love. Or I'll dabble in SFX and be really good at it. Who knows?

I had the opportunity to assist the oh-so-lovely Rachael today on a corporate makeup job. She is not just a MUA, but owner of Makeup and Glow (www.makeupandglow.com.au) which is where I buy 85% of my products. Forever patient when I bug her with millions of questions, and an amazing artist to boot. Although today was quite a simple, natural look for two lovely ladies I had three things I was focused on learning more about:

1. Kit organisation - I want to make mine smaller and lighter, which she has successfully done. Palettes seem to be the key, as well as see-through bags to find everything quickly. It's also in a small wheeled suitcase, small enough to be carry-on on flights. I want that.

2. Eye technique - I've lost a lot of confidence since experiencing some unusual eye shapes lately. I did speak to Rachael about maybe having a private lesson on this, but she's so busy I may just have to pick her brain occasionally. It was great to see her colour choices on the mature ladies, and the way she did eyeliner.

3. Foundation - I am OBSESSED with foundation, as I always think I don't have the right product for the job. Rachael's priming technique was something I'll definitely take away with me (one primer for face, one for under eye - brilliant!), as well as adding a Beauty Blender to my shopping list. I also want to experiment more with my Graftobian palette, and look into the Yaby cream foundations.

So a massive THANK YOU to Rachael for letting me tag along, and being so free and open with her wisdom and experience. Looking forward to doing it again!

What tips have you picked up from working with other artists?
BC xx


  1. OMG I LOVE makeupandglow, how weird I JUST placed another order! hahaha. That's awesome that you got to assist Rachel, I too would love to witness are real 'pro' in their element to take notes and learn, it's the best way to learn huh. Hey we are friends on MM already :)

  2. oh p.s I have the yaby creams, both palettes, don't use them that often but are great to have in the kit for mixing and matching colour. Just ordered the cinema secrets concealer kit 1, hope its good!