Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm a total magazine junkie. I love them. I read them cover-to-cover, and then refer back to them when I need to. A good magazine should be inspirational, relevant, well-written and not conform to any 'formula'.

I used to be so obsessed that I could tell you on any day what week of the monthly 'cycle' we were in, what was coming out that week and on what day. I would regularly buy 9 mags every month (Cleo, Cosmo, New Woman, Marie Claire, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Madison, In Style, Woman's Health) and have enormous stacks in my living room. Then I just got over it - the articles were always the same, the recommendations were false ($$$) and they all became bland to me. Cue a few months of being magazine-free, and a reassessment of what I wanted. Now I buy selectively, and I feel a lot better for it.

I may be a bit slow on the uptake here, but I'm only just getting into international magazines. I must say that Brisbane isn't great for foreign selection - the only real option we have is a trip to Borders. Oh, what I would give for a Mag Nation up here... anyway, I'm so disgruntled with most Australian magazines that I hardly bother with anything beyond Madison and occasionally Marie Claire.

Vogue has disappointed me month after month with their obvious choices and shoots lacking inspiration or innovation. The final straw was the current March 2010 issue - which any fashionista worth her stilettos knows should be the beginning of the autumn editions, looking at layering and light jackets to stretch the summer wardrobe out for a little bit longer. So what do Vogue Australia do? HAVE A SUMMER ISSUE. Aside from the fact that most retailers have moved on from the summer season and are starting to stock knits and boots, Vogue is meant to be a trend-setter. The go-to mag for the new season. So why are we looking back??

Luckily I have bought two FABULOUS magazines lately that have restored my faith. I've never bought either of these before, and it's really inspired me to be more eclectic in my choices.

1. Culture Yearbook 2010 - wow, this packs a punch! A mainly hair-focused magazine from Australia, it showcases hot new talent alongside veterans in the industry. For me the makeup in the editorials was just phenomenal, and I already have plans to recreate some of the looks in some fashion shoots. Creative, on-trend and inspiring. Everything I love.

2. In Beauty - This. Is. Amazing. A summary of all the hair and makeup looks from the Spring/Summer runways all over the world. Oh god, it's just.... amazing. So inspirational, and so ahead of the trends. It cost me dearly ($50 at Borders - ouch!) but I'll be getting this magazine every time.
(Thanks to Jessica Jean Myers for the image below -

So tell me - what are your favourite magazines?
BC xx


  1. I haven't gotten it personally but isn't Oyster suppose to be a good Aussie mag? I had a photographer friend trying to get stuff in it before. Also I totally know what you mean about being maged out. I use to buy SOOO many mags every mth but now I'm very selective too!

  2. I have heard that about Oyster! I've had some trouble finding it, but when I do I'll post a blog about it :)