Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Blog Formerly Known As...

So I've changed the name of this blog to My Brilliant Makeup Career (for those not aware, it's a play on the classic Australian novel and movie 'My Brilliant Career'.  I'm not big-noting myself!!).

I found that once I started blogging I wanted to be really honest - about my experiences, about my career, about the good times AND the bad times.  And I felt that by putting my business name on the blog I was restricting myself in case a potential client came across it and lost faith in my skills.

So Bella Chic Makeup Artistry will have a new blog, but it will be geared towards my private clients and stuff they might like to know.  MBMC will be about my 'journey' (god, that's so The Biggest Loser) into my new career.

Now I can REALLY tell you all the bad stuff.... only kidding  ;)

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