Friday, January 22, 2010

Eyebrow Threading

I took my overgrown, disgusting eyebrows to get threaded for the first time last night. My last wax was terrible so they needed a good reshape.

Firstly - OUCH!! Oh my god!! That was SO FREAKING PAINFUL!! (Ok, I'll back down from the hysterics) Seriously though, I've had my brows waxed many times and while it's not a fabulous feeling, it's easily bearable. This was not. If I wasn't such a pansy I would have asked my therapist to stop because I needed a break. Wow. Whoever said it didn't hurt at all have no nerve endings in their face. My skin was still tender when I went to put my makeup on this morning.

Secondly - my therapist didn't ask me what shape I wanted. That does not make me happy. While the shape is ok, I would have preferred some consultation. It's more 'rounded' than I prefer (I like a sharper arch).

Thirdly (is that even a word) - when they say get every hair, they mean every single one. Usually after a wax I come home and find a few that I have to pluck out myself, which makes me wonder why I just paid someone in the first place. But this is really amazing. And they said that they can thread hair that has just broken the surface, not like waxing where it has to be a certain length to grip. So that's really great to know!

So was it worth it? I say yes, although I don't think I'd go back with fully grown-out brows. I'd probably wax/pluck all the obvious hairs out and just go to get the shape re-done. I'll report back on what the regrowth is like, but for now it's left me baby-smooth. And when I go back I'll ask for a different therapist.

Anyone else had threading done?? Let me know how you went!
BC xx

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