Friday, January 8, 2010

Luck ain't my lady tonight...

Of course it had to happen...

Three shoots lined up this weekend. One with a new photographer that I really admire and want to do a lot more work with in the future. Tightly packed schedule for the next two weeks between work, shoots and moving house.

So today is the day that I seriously injure my entire right arm.

It's an old ergonomic injury, from years of typing and sitting at desks that usually are designed for decoration more than function. But it means that until I have time to see a physio, I have severe shooting pains down my right shoulder and arm, down to my fingers.

This is not good. This is not good at all.

Short term solution - heat pack, physio exercises, whinge to my boyfriend until he makes me feel better. Carry everything on my left side (oh, to have a kit on wheels....). Minimise use of my right arm. Being right handed, that makes me smirk.

Will report back after the weekend as to how it's gone. Cross fingers and toes that I can smile and get through it!!

BC xx

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