Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Globes Wrap Up - Hair and Makeup

Well I feel really slack and a bit late on the bandwagon - I should have had this up moments after the ceremony, apparently! But working full time doesn't give you a lot of luxurious time to be doing this kind of stuff. I wish it did!!

Anyway, onto the Golden Globes hair and makeup. In general - eh. It's all been done before. Nothing revolutionary, which was also reflective of the dresses. I read one columnist who complained about the lack of drama and scandal when it came to the GGs this year - and as the week wears on and I look at gallery upon gallery, I tend to agree.

But the best news about that is that most of the looks are both wearable and easily copied by DIY-ers. I expect to start getting requests for some of these looks when the formal season start rolling around.


* Smokey eyes - geez, what a surprise. They're a feature at every red carpet event, but it's all about doing them right for your eye shape. And balancing with the rest of your makeup is key. I thought Sandra did this well, and especially avoiding the black-eye look. A light eyeshadow in the inner corner and mobile lid keeps the eye looking fresh and open.

* Red lips - again, another staple, but again - hot. Keep your eyes low-key and make it all about your lips.

* Natural look - sometimes this can look underdressed at big events, but with all the soft tones in the clothes it was a perfect choice. As much as I didn't love Drew's outfit, her makeup was gorgeous. Sometimes a hint of colour is all you need.

* Fallen-out hair - ugh, this is one of my biggest gripes. And apparently everyone loves it except me. People who look like they've either curled their hair but it's all fallen out, or they just haven't brushed their hair after getting out of bed. It can work on certain occasions, but for pete's sake, not on a red carpet!!

* Waves - Rose Byrne did this well, except I would have liked a little more serum over the ends to stop it getting a little frizzy. Classic and classy.

* Slick ponytail - now this wasn't a great feature, but after Heather Graham did it I expect to see it more often. The type of hairdo you can easily do yourself and look fabulous. Just make sure your face can take the attention (mine can't - high forehead and round cheeks mean I look like a fat, balding child).

* Headbands - clearly January Jones got on this bandwagon (see Red Lips above), but my favourite was Carey Milligan. Oh-so-cute - makes me (almost) want to chop my hair off! Formal trend alert again!! Never say you can't do anything with a short crop - this was gorgeous.

And the award for BC's Favourite All-Round Look goes to.....

Lea Michelle from Glee!!
Uh, I just sighed when I saw this whole getup. Age appropriate (can you tell I'm big on that??), timeless and just beautiful. Yet her updo saved the whole look from being dowdy - if I was going to a formal, that's the hair I would want. It looked like some kind of fishplait that was tucked underneath, but it was just loose and 'undone' enough to avoid being too contrived. Congratulations for not going to your first GGs and feeling the need to go overboard. Every new actress on Neighbours and Home & Away this year should take note.

Anyway, that's my thoughts! What did you think??
BC xx

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