Monday, January 18, 2010


Wow, big weekend! Started with my shoot on Thursday (which you may recall that I was REALLY nervous about!). After a false start (where I has to remove the cake liner from the crease because it looked like a three-year-old had applied it) I got my mojo back and I think I did a decent job! The model and photographer seemed really happy with my work, and the proofs I've seen so far seem good! A nice addition to my port that shows a different side to my artistry.

Koren B - after a lot of practice in my bathroom I made the tear tracks using cake liner and water! I had a small container with water and I mixed a little bit of the cake liner in so the water looked cloudy, then used a fine brush to pick up as much as I could and place it where I wanted the tear to fall. Worked a treat ;)

After moving on Friday (which went smoothly, but I'm still unpacking due to extreme procrastination) I went to my first bridal expo. As a guest, not an exhibitor! It was... an interesting experience. My first impression was crowded, hot, manic. Narrow aisles made it difficult to move and the failing air conditioning was having trouble clearing the slight hint of desperation in the air. The brides were clearly there to get a bargain, and I would imagine that most decisions re: hair/makeup would be based mainly on price. I understand that from their point of view, but I don't want to have to drop prices if someone else is cheaper. And I don't know if my nerves could handle the crowds and the general craziness.

I did a shoot on Sunday but I'll blog on that later - I've got the Golden Globes red carpet to watch!!

BC xx

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