Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something is a-stirring...

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up (well, I'm the only one who really cares!!) but I actually believe that my website is in the process of being created!


For a little background information, my brother just happens to be a rather talented IT guy who kindly offered to design my business cards and build my website. Now he does have (more than) full time work and whatnot, so he's a busy bee. But my original plan was to launch before December 1st so it was online before the end of my makeup course. Then he got busy.... so it was mid December... and now it's mid January....

It's been a bit frustrating just because I've held off all my advertising to private clients (brides, formal girls etc.) until I've had a website. I just feel that for a MUA a website is such a strong tool - people can instantly see examples of your work and get an idea about you as an artist. And they can feel confident that yes, I've done this many times before. I won't make you look like a drag queen/80's reject/Barbie doll (unless that's what you want of course!!).

But last night I got a strange email from Wordpress telling me that a blog was created... which I thought may have been a virus/spam, but after checking with my brother it's all his doing. And my website looks a little different, although nothing is posted up as yet.

So two good pieces of news come out of this:
1. My website is on its way, and
2. Looks like this blog won't be the one on my website! Why is this good? I've only posted a handful of entries, but I've really enjoyed this outlet for saying whatever is on my mind and documenting this whole process of starting my new career. And there are things that I want to post here that I wouldn't particularly want my private clients to read! If I want to whinge about something I want to do it without fear that it will turn a bride away from my business. So this will hopefully be my personal account of my MUA life, and the other can be my business-related one (full of tips and advice for regular consumers).

Exciting times ahead!! I wonder how long until I see something....
BC xx


  1. How exciting! Not long to go then before you are jetsetting about the place making your mark on the industry. Look forward to seeing the final site.


  2. like your blog, sounds like we are on the same kind of path! I am just starting to try and get in touch with photogs now so I can get a port happening, are you based in Brissie?? :)

  3. Hey Kozziosko! Yes I'm a Brissie gal :) I think we're almost on an identical path!! Have you joined Model Mayhem? It's the way I've met all my photogs (including the incredibly talented Casey May - see the sticky fingers comment above!) and 95% of my portfolio pics are through shoots organised on MM. Can't recommend it enough! Let me know how you go xx

  4. hey Bella, yes I joined just last weekend! I have not any pro shots yet, so not a very exciting profile. I will look you up now :) Thanks for the tip, I need to get proactive and contact ppl. I do have a shoot at sunrise tomorrow, first one, looking forward to that!