Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes Wrap Up - Fashion

I had a GREAT day yesterday - didn't go to work because I burnt my fingers (long story, let's just say I'm a klutz) so I got to spend the whole day in front of the TV watching the Golden Globes! I tweeted my way through the red carpet (@counterobsess) and it seems that my fashion observations were somewhat opposing to so-called experts. Clearly I have a lot to learn!

In general, the fashion trends I spotted (and loved) were:

* Soft tones - the red carpet was awash with blush, peach, white, champagne, grey, pastels... you get the idea. If you've got the skin tone for soft colours then it's your season. Drew Barrymore looked really pretty, but I didn't like the barnacles on her shoulder and hip.

* Purple - a few purple dresses were thrown in for good measure - think Sandra Bullock, Rose Byrne and Jane Krakowski. Now THIS is a colour I can get into! It looks so regal and elegant.

* Ruffles - woah, it was ruffles galore! I love a well-placed ruffle, it's feminine and romantic yet modern and stylish.

* One Shoulder - yes, for another season the one shoulder is a popular choice. And why not? More modest than the strapless option, yet still showing off enough skin to be sexy. And no need for the always-elegant, my-dress-is-falling tug to avoid the girls coming out to play.

* Cocktail length - if you've got the legs, this is a hot alternative to the typical floor-length evening gown. I think it's a really youthful interpretation of red carpet attire. Ginnifer Goodwin and Kristen Bell (whom I thought looked amazing in every way) showed that a bit of leg can still be appropriate.

The one trend that was EVERYWHERE but I did not warm to at all was the shiny-shiny-look-at-me fabrics. Giuliana from E! looked like she was wearing alfoil. And I remember one of the guys from Glee in a shiny suit. No no no no.

Will post about hair and makeup next... which is my favourite!! :D
BC xx

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