Monday, January 4, 2010

Massive step forward!

Following my previous post on New Years resolutions, I'm capitalising on my current motivation and kicking my own butt into gear. So yesterday I purchased my portfolio folder, and printed 11 photos to put into it!!

*happy dance*

It's quite amazing to see my work in print. It's totally different to seeing it on the computer monitor. Everything is so crisp and clear, colours are more true, and it feels more.... real. Like this is actually a job for me, not just an expensive hobby!!

I know a lot of new makeup artists struggle to find a portfolio folder that they like and that fits the print sizes that we need. I chose to print 8x12 because I wanted them to be a decent size but not quite the industry standard 11x14 (just in case they didn't turn out!). I soon found out that 8x12 is about 3mm too long for a standard A4 size book. But my salvation came in the most unlikely aisle of Kmart - scrapbooking! I found a 12x12 black covered scrapbooking album which is just perfect! It also means that I can insert my pictures landscape OR portrait and they will still fit. The album and the 6 black backing sheets cost a total of $14.50 - even better!!

As for the images, there are some that I've already marked as the first to get replaced when I get new images. Others I just adore. But to have a folder of 11 images to show people is just magic. Even though it's just been my family so far!!

It's a small step, but it's in the right direction - so I'm really happy :)

Hope you achieved something today, however small!
BC xx

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